Mid/Senior NodeJS Developer

Job description

Bolster is Australia's premier digital, creative and product agency for music and entertainment.

Our fast growing team work from a beautiful, naturally lit warehouse in Collingwood surrounded by great food and bars. Perks include great hookups from the industries we work in, twice a week yoga, frequent team retreats and a dog friendly office.

We're on the hunt for a capable and creative back end developer with a specialisation in the NodeJS ecosystem.

We're building all range of projects and products at the moment from client dashboards to chat bots, as well as relaunching our flagship product Linktree; Linktree currently has over 1.9musers and serves in surplus of 140,000,000 unique requests a month.

In our eyes, a dream candidate for this role isn't a framework guru, but someone with a solid understanding of computer science principals, and can confidently decide between rolling their own bespoke solutions, but also knows when to reach for the tools available.

You're also able to articulate executive decisions, participate in constructive code reviews from both sides of the fence, and absolutely love what you do and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Some recent work


Required Experience : 

  • NodeJS written in TypeScript
  • Developing and integrating REST and GraphQL APIs
  • Produced and/or maintained a Hapi or Express application in customer facing production environments.

Bonus Points : 

  • Front end chops (we use React & Redux)
  • Serverless Framework
  • Python (Data analysis, wrangling more than web servers)
  • Ansible
  • Docker